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Adrienne Iverson and Salto Mortale Win $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at Old Salem

RELEASE: May 19, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.

Adrienne Iverson and Salto Mortale (The Book LLC)
Adrienne Iverson and Salto Mortale (The Book LLC)
North Salem, NY
– It was derby day at the Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Show with two featured events in the schedule. Adrienne Iverson and Redfield Farm's Salto Mortale captured the top prize in the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby presented by Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate, while Beezie Madden and Mademoiselle sped to the win in the $20,000 Speed Derby of North Salem. On hand at the show today as well was Robert Astorino, the County Executive for Westchester County. Astorino met riders and enjoyed the show jumping competition as he helped support the event that brings thousands of equestrians to the county every year. The Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Show concludes tomorrow with the highlight event, the $100,000 Empire State Grand Prix, presented by The Kincade Group, at 2:30 pm.

Watch an interview with Adrienne Iverson

There were 46 entries in the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby presented by Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate. The top 12 returned for a second round. Iverson and Salto Mortale scored a 180 in the first round and jumped up to a high score of 196 in the second round for a total of 376 for the win. They took all four high options in both rounds as well.

Second place went to Louise Serio on Bonaparte, owned by Annette Lauer. They won the first round of the derby and finished on a score of 371. Victoria Press rode Mayfair to a score of 365 for third place.

Iverson, who is originally from Oakville, ON, Canada, has worked for Emil Spadone's Redfield Farm for two and a half years. Her relationship with Salto Mortale, an eight-year-old Westphalian gelding by Sandro Boy, is significantly shorter. Having just been imported from Europe two months ago, he has quickly adapted to his new life as a hunter. The Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows are his first competition in the United States. Salto Mortale showed in the First Year Green Hunters for the first time last week, showed again this week, and entered the derby.

“I didn't have these expectations,” Iverson admitted. “I knew he was brave and going to do well, but this was beyond what we were expecting for this horse. He was easy from the first day. He's just a sweet, easy horse. I knew he would be easy, but the quality we were shocked by a little bit. It takes a lot for a horse who's only been here for a month, to step up and do something like this, especially at this late in the day. I'm really proud of him.”

Iverson said in the short time they've been together, she has worked on smoothing out the time between the jumps. “He's picked it up really quickly. He's really become a lot more fluent in the two weeks he's been here at this horse show,” she noted. “This was the third handy course in his life and the third jump he's trotted (at a show) in his life. I couldn't be happier with how he handled everything, being such a newbie to this game.”

Iverson praised the courses designed by Paul Jewel. “It was really fun to ride,” she said. She described of her derby rides, “I was planning one inside turn after the fifth jump, but I got my eye on it a little bit late. I think he could have done it. We did some tighter turns. From being a jumper, that I think he's used to. He just stayed slow and relaxed. He's a natural at it.”

This was Iverson's fifth international hunter derby. “I'd like to do more,” she said. “I really enjoy them. It gives a little bit more interest and sponsorship to hunters in this country. It's my first win (in an international derby), and it's exciting.”

Final Results: $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby presented by Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate

R1/J1   85            4     
R1/J2   87            4    180.00
R2/J1   87     7      4     
R2/J2   88     6      4    196.00 376.00

R1/J1   94            1     
R1/J2   90            1    186.00
R2/J1   85.5   6      2     
R2/J2   84.5   5      2    185.00 371.00

R1/J1   84.25         4     
R1/J2   83.25         4    175.50
R2/J1   85     5      4     
R2/J2   85.5   6      4    189.50 365.00

4  SIENNA       LEXI MAOUNIS         
R1/J1   85.25         1     
R1/J2   86.5          1    173.75
R2/J1   86     8      1     
R2/J2   85     7      1    188.00 361.75

R1/J1   85.3          3     
R1/J2   84.25         3    175.55
R2/J1   82.5   7      3     
R2/J2   84     6      3    185.50 361.05

R1/J1   86            1     
R1/J2   88            1    176.00
R2/J1   82     6      2     
R2/J2   86     5      2    183.00 359.00

R1/J1   83.5          4     
R1/J2   83.75         4    175.25
R2/J1   83     6      4     
R2/J2   83     3      4    183.00 358.25

R1/J1   89            4     
R1/J2   85.5          4    182.50
R2/J1   78     5      4     
R2/J2   79     5      4    175.00 357.50

9  ALASKA       TODD MINIKUS         
R1/J1   82            4     
R1/J2   85            4    175.00
R2/J1   79     7      4     
R2/J2   78    10      4    182.00 357.00

R1/J1   84            1     
R1/J2   86            1    172.00
R2/J1   84     4      2     
R2/J2   82     4      2    178.00 350.00

11 DYNASTY      BRIAN FEIGUS         
R1/J1   80.5          4     
R1/J2   84.5          4    173.00
R2/J1   70     7      4     
R2/J2   75     6      4    166.00 339.00

R1/J1   85.5          4     
R1/J2   87.5          4    181.00
R2/J1   50     5      4     
R2/J2   58     5      4    126.00 307.00