Jackie Smith Just Edges Out Trainer Armando Hassey To Take the Mini Prix at Colorado Horse Park Spring Warm Up II

RELEASE: May 10, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Phelps Media Group International, Inc.

Jackie Smith and Diego won the Mini Prix at Spring Warm Up Week II at the Colorado Horse Park. (iHorse Photo Media)
Jackie Smith and Diego won the Mini Prix at Spring Warm Up Week II at the Colorado Horse Park. (iHorse Photo Media)
Parker, CO
- Amateur rider Jackie Smith and her own Diego earned the victory gallop around the Kathy and Brad Coors Family Grand Prix Arena for their win in the Mini Prix during Spring Warm Up Week II at Colorado Horse Park. In an exciting jump-off round, Smith just edged out her trainer, Armando Hassey, who rode Taggert Enterprises LLC's Eminem.

Six horse and riders left all the rails in place in the first round and advanced to the short course. Hassey and Eminem were first in the order and had a faultless, speedy round.

"I was third to go in the jump off," said Smith. "Armando went clean and was very fast and very efficient in his turns. He is usually a better jump-off rider than I am. So I looked where all his tracks were and I just made sure that all of mine were inside of all of his."

Smith and the Westphalian gelding spent the winter season in Florida and, with well-deserved time off, were tuned and ready for Pat Boyle's courses. The pair also seized the win of the Welcome Stake on the opening day of Spring Warm Up Week II.

"We came back from Florida in the beginning of April and we pretty much had the horses rest, a little bit because we wanted to and a little bit because of the weather," Hassey said. "We hadn't really jumped since Florida so we were really happy."

"I'm a trainer at the Colorado Horse Park and my house is very close by," continued Hassey. "It is just like showing at my home. We're very happy and looking forward to the season and doing the grand prixs. The new footing is great."In the Olson Family Hunter Ring, the highly-anticipated USHJA Hunter Derby was held on Saturday of Spring Warm Up Week II.

It was Ashley Keeler and Simply Said, a new mount owned by Emma Willsky, who earned the judges' nod and the blue ribbon. In their first round the pair scored an 84.

"I was actually in second at that point," said Keeler. "The handy round was pretty straightforward. The course designer (Pat Boyle) did a nice job since this was our first horse show outside in Colorado. He tried to make it as user-friendly as possible. There were a lot of good turns and places to make inside turns.  I was riding a horse I'd never really ridden before. I just decided to go big and go home and he was absolutely fantastic and it worked in my favor."

Keeler and Simply Said earned a handy round score of 85. The pair also won the Reserve Championship of the 3'6" Performance Working Hunters.

"I don't really know this horse," Keeler said. "We won the three of four classes over fences classes in the division. I decided not to do the under saddle class because I didn't think he needed it. It would have made the difference between champion and reserve but I decided to save it for the Derby and I'm glad I did."

Promo, owned and ridden by Nicole Lyvere and trained by Cindy Cruciotti, won the championship of the division.

Simply Said, a 17.1 dappled gray Holsteiner gelding, is one of many that were trained by Keiri Kaneps, a much-loved trainer at Colorado Horse Park who passed away unexpectedly in August 2012. When Kaneps' husband, Vic, decided to disband their Studio Farms, Colorado Horse Park contacted Keeler.

"The Horse Park called me and asked me if I had any interest to come in and help any of the customers that wanted to stay," shared Keeler.  "I was lucky enough that 17 stayed here with me. I hope every day that I make her proud. I hope that I do her business justice because it was a gift to me. I miss her. Trying to take over for Keiri Kaneps is like trying to take over for God. I'm going to do the best that I can."

558. $7,500 Mini Prix

1 574 Diego Jackie Smith Jackie Smith

2 573 Eminem Taggert Enterprises LLCArmando Hassey

3 601 Can Do Toby Cromwell Harriet Bunker

4 572 Lambert Louis Cora Leeuwenburg Armando Hassey

5 621 Leon D'Or James Mc Connell Amanda Mc Connell

6 512 Quickie Natascha Gates Natascha Gates

7 603 Soulshine Equestrian Investments, L.L.C. Courtney Frederick

8 591 Witchita Kimberly Little Mickie Sage

721. $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby

1 504 Simply Said Emma Willsky Ashley Keeler

2 592 Harlu Laurie Brants Mickie Sage

3 529 All In Nicole Lyvere Nicole Lyvere

4 531 Promo Nicole Lyvere Nicole Lyvere

5 539 Three Rivers Woodhaven Stables  IncJessica Dalton

6 608 Lark's Virtuoso Heather Chenault Philip Dreissigacker

7 566 Olivia Nellie & Heidi Schmutz Ashley Keeler

8 541 Holy Smoke NTM Enterprises Nancy Moore

Champions and Reserve Champions

Division # 13 $500 Performance Working 3'3"
Champion 543 In Like Fynn / Paul Rohrbach /NTM Enerprises

Reserve 541 Holy Smoke / Karin Barreau /NTM Enerprises 

Division # 14 $500 Performance Working 3'6"
Champion 531 Promo / Nicole Lyvere /Nicole Lyvere

Reserve 504 Simply Said / Ashley Keeler /Emma Willsky

Division # 25 Modified Children's/Adult Hunter

Champion 545 Cold Smoke / Nancy Moore / NTM Enterprises

Reserve 524 Riveting / Sarah Engel / Sarah Engel

Division # 27 $500 Children's Hunter

Champion 628 Socrates / Allison Zimmerman/ Allison Zimmerman

Reserve 523 Brunello / Megan Engel / Megan Engel

Division # 30 $500 Junior/AO Hunter

Champion 528 Wink / Nicole Lyvere / Nicole Lyvere

Reserve 529 All In / Nicole Lyvere/ Nicole Lyvere

Division # 61 1.0 Meter Jumpers

Champion 509 Holly PCH / Natascha Gates / Nancy Gooding

Reserve 513 Theodore K / Jessica Dalton/ Hannah Hlopak

Reserve 517 Papillon / Brianna Davis/ Mary Dunahay

Division # 62 1.10 Meter Jumpers

Champion 624 Witness / Carol Tucker/ Carol Tucker

Reserve 402 Acquittal / Charlie Dennehy / Cindy Leonis

Reserve 596 Prive / Mickie Sage / Jodi Hoffman

Division # 64 1.20 Meter Jumpers

Champion 511 Saterland / Natascha Gates / Nancy Gooding

Reserve 546 Cassiopeia / Paul Rohrbach / NTM Enterprises

Reserve 571 Jetsetter 3E / Armando Hassey / Cora Leeuwenburg

Division # 65 1.25 Meter Jumper

Champion 611 Orange Crush / Paul Rohrbach / Beth Bowlen

Champion 536 Bonaire / Kelli Clevenger/ Serenity Farm

Division # 74 Children's/Adult Jumper

Champion 582 Celtic Trinity / Jennifer Bolton / Jennifer Bolton

Reserve 590 Dondero / Austin Aibel / Simone Coxe

Reserve 516 O So Easy / Mary Dunahay / Mary Dunahay

Division # 74 Low Junior/Amateur Jumper

Champion 525 Colleona / Brooke Pettet / BTP Investments LLC

Reserve 538 Romanov / Carol Tucker / Redfield Farm

Division # 76 High Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper

Champion 579 Carpe Diem / Isabel Johnson / Isabel Johnson

Champion 580 Quito / Isabel Johnson / Thinks Like A Horse

Reserve 586 Leroy V / Jacqueline Toomey / Jacqueline Toomey

Division # 79 Modified Jumper


503 Double Dutch / Debra McCallin / Debra McCallin