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Susan Artes and Zamiro Secure the Win in the $25,000 Grand Prix During the Flintridge Spring Classic

RELEASE: April 20, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: West Palms Event Managment

Susan Artes on Zamiro (Maria Morgan)
Susan Artes on Zamiro (Maria Morgan)
La Canada Flintridge, CA
- Twelve riders rode clear into the jump off. Entering with two horses Susan Artes atop Zamiro put down two spectacular clean rounds in tonight's $25,000 Grand Prix, part of the GGT Footing Grand Prix Series!

Returning after eighteen years Susan Hutchison entered the $25,000 Grand Prix with three horses, all of which soared into the jump off. Jumping clear both rounds she placed second, third, and fifth.

Full results of the class are as follows:
Placing Horse Rider Faults Time JO Faults

1 Zamiro Susan Artes 0 29.85 0
2 SIG Zuleika Susan Hutchison 0 31.16 0
3 SIG Excel Susan Hutchison 0 31.35 0
4 Ace Abigail Weese 0 32.06 0
5 Claudius Susan Hutchison 0 32.98 0
6 Nelson T Erika Cooper 0 33.42 0
7 Coco Michelle Spadone 0 34.14 0
8 Tembla Michelle Spadone 0 36.66 0
9 Zeppelien Nick Haness 0 30.93 4
10 Kiss the Sky Lane Clarke 0 31.16 4
11 Centuria 2 Gabriella Salick 0 38.26 4
12 Lasse Jamie Barge 0 37.11 12

The GGT Footing Grand Prix Series, sponsored by GGT Footing and hosted by West Palms Event Management, is a series of Grand Prix classes designed to provide an opportunity for riders to compete at the 1.40m level for year-end awards and prizes. The series will feature $260,000 in prize money and bonuses.