Caroline Roffman and Her Highness O Are Regal in FEI Intermediaire-1 Freestyle at WEF Dressage Classic, CDI 3* presented by Today's Equestrian & Fellows

RELEASE: March 18, 2013
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Caroline Roffman and Her Highness O (
Caroline Roffman and Her Highness O (
Wellington, FL
- The WEF Dressage Classic, CDI 3* presented by Today's Equestrian & Fellows wrapped up competition Sunday at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. The highlight class was the FEI Intermediaire-1 Freestyle, with Caroline Roffman (USA) and Her Highness O taking the top prize. The Florida Youth Championships presented by Dressage4kids and sponsored by PanaCavallo wrapped up with awards in four divisions, and the Para-Equestrian competition had their presentations to honor the top teams and individuals. The Adequan Global Dressage Festival continues next with the Wellington CDI 5* presented by Diamante Farms on April 4-7, 2013.

For the FEI Intermediaire-1 Freestyle, there were seven entries. Winning the class with a score of 75.125% was Roffman and Her Highness O, a 10-year-old Hanoverian mare by Hohenstein x Weltmeyer. Second place went to Christilot Boylen (CAN) and Dio Mio with a score of 74.650%, while Kimberly Herslow (USA) and Rosmarin were third with 73.125%.

Roffman, who owns and runs Lionshare Dressage in Wellington, FL, with Endel Ots, has owned Her Highness O for three years. She found the mare after her career as a broodmare. Despite little knowledge under saddle, she thought the mare was "pretty special," and developed her with then co-owner Jennifer Lind. She purchased her outright this past August. "I have to thank Jennifer Lind for letting me do that. She made it possible," Roffman said. The pair won the Developing Horse championship last year. This is only their third CDI international small tour and it was their first freestyle together.

Roffman remarked, "I have to say thank you to Terri Gallo because that freestyle is five years old and it works with every horse. All my stars fell and aligned today because it was not exactly the most well-prepared test! It's a really great mare and I'm very lucky to have her."

Despite her small stature at 16 hands and Roffman's height at six feet, they work well together when Her Highness O enters the show ring. "She's very small, (but) she will never let you know that. She is true to her name. She thinks she's queen and everyone should bow to her. When you tack her up, it's like she has an alter ego. She has a lot of pride. I think she's happy not be a brood mare anymore. I think she really likes being a show horse and wants to be treated a certain way. Her character is awesome," Roffman described.

While the canter is noted as a slight weakness for Her Highness O by Roffman, Sundy's freestyle helped. "It's not a bad canter, but she gets a little tense. Teaching her changes was difficult because she was so hot. Surprisingly today, the changes on a bent line actually helped. I think she was wondering where we were going. It was really a freestyle today!" Roffman smiled.

Roffman believes that Her Highness O has the capability to do the Large Tour test. "Her best qualities are piaffe and passage. I believe in her a lot. What she may not have in talent, she'll make up for in heart," she explained. "She wants it as much as I do. She doesn't like being second in the awards ceremony."

Inaugural Florida Youth Championships Help Young Riders

The Florida Youth Championships presented by Dressage4kids and sponsored by PanaCavallo were a great success with winners in four divisions. The program is to help young dressage riders gain experience and education for the high performance levels.

The winner of the Brentina Cup class was Julie McKean of Camden, ME. She and Stelina had a total of 64.617. McKean has been riding Stelina for a year and a half, and they have had success in the Brentina Cup at the national championships, placing sixth. "I'm really excited because our partnership has come a long way. We're riding with a new level of consistency," she said.

McKean looked forward to competing in the classes at the AGDF. "I was really motivated to be in this particular CDI because I hadn't ridden in front of a full panel of judges since Devon. I need to get my feet back in international waters! It was a confidence builder for me because we went in and put in a really steady test, pretty clean. We have to work on maintaining uphill balance and I feel that we did that."

Fifteen-year-old Bebe Davis of Bedminster, NJ, captured two top prizes. She and Poldy 10 won the FEI Pony Division with a total of 67.763, while Rotano was tops in the FEI Junior Division on a total of 66.009. Davis and Poldy 10, who is 17 years old, are in their second season together in Florida. They won the national championship title in 2012 and were champions at Devon. "He's my favorite pony; I love him so much. I brought him last minute and I'm really glad I did. I was nailing everything and it's all coming along so well. My hard work is paying off. He's just the best."

This is Davis' first season in the junior division and showing with Rotano. "I'm just starting to get to know him and how to warm him up," she said.

Davis was excited to participate in the Championships. "In dressage, the young riders is not as big of a program. To see people care about what we do and appreciate it for all the hard work we put in, it's really great. This weekend was about learning for me," she related. "I'm learning to keep riding every single show like it's no big deal. If you show your horse to the best of their ability and ride to the best of your ability, it's really going to pay off. You end up being happy with yourself because you've done the best that you can do, regardless of the score."

Alexa Derr, who is 18 and from Reinholds, PA, won the FEI Young Riders division with Just Livingston with a total of 63.991. They have only been together since November. Derr noted, "My goal was to have a clean test and to really work on some of the areas that I have been having difficulty with, like canter pirouettes and lateral work. It's his strong point, but not always mine. I was really wanting to have a nice, polished, expressive test."

Derr is a participant in the Winter Intensive Training Program with Lendon Gray, who heads the Dressage4kids program. What Derr enjoyed most about the program and Sundays championship was the support from all of her fellow competitors. "For me, that was really such a cool feeling to have all the support and be able to support everybody else. I felt like everyone was there for each other," she said. "It didn't feel like a championship; it felt like everybody was out there to do their personal best and have fun with it as well."

Final Results: FEI Intermediaire-1 Freestyle
1 Caroline Roffman (USA), Her Highness O: 71.125, 77.000, 75.500, 76.125, 75.875, 75.125
2 Christilot Boylen (CAN), Dio Mio: 75.125, 75.500, 75.000, 71.750, 75.875, 74.650
3 Kimberly Herslow (USA), Rosmarin: 71.375, 73.875, 72.250, 74.875, 73.250, 73.125
4 Carlos Munoz (ESP), Klouseau: 66.000, 69.375, 69.000, 67.625, 67.250, 67.850
5 Evi Strasser (CAN), Rigaudon Tyme: 66.750, 69.125, 68.750, 66.500, 65.625, 67.350
6 Katharina Stumpf (AUT), Nymphenburg's Love: 65.625, 67.750, 67.500, 69.000, 66.750, 67.325
7 Kathy W. Priest (USA), Wild Dancer: 63.375, 67.250, 64.125, 69.625, 68.500, 66.575

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