Theo Genn and Winchester Win the $50,000 Budweiser Grand Prix of Gulfport

RELEASE: March 12, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Classic Communications

Theo Genn and Winchester clear the Budweiser jump on their way to the winner's circle Sunday (Flashpoint Photography)
Theo Genn and Winchester clear the Budweiser jump on their way to the winner's circle Sunday (Flashpoint Photography)
Gulfport, MS
- Theo Genn of Lebanon, Ohio in the irons of Bridlebourne Stable LLC's Winchester, rode away with the big check and first place in yesterday's $50,000 Budweiser Grand Prix of Gulfport which wrapped up the 2013 Gulf Coast Circuit yesterday afternoon.

More than 3,500 spectators watched a field of 24 attempt the course set by noted course designer Allen Rheinheimer of Zionsville, Indiana but only three emerged to the jump-off round.  Rheinheimer changed the course up for the grand finale.  "We used a few new jumps, like the casino jump, and some they haven't seen in the triple combination that caused some problems.  The main thing was there was a different look to the field," he said.  Fence 7 looked to be unlucky for half the class as most dropped a rail.  The skinniest fence with natural rails and two ponds, followed by a sharp left hand turn and a big three bar oxer gave the horses a lot to look at.  "I couldn't have gotten enough good reviews on the course from the riders-whether or not they won, they loved it," he added.

First to go in the jump-off round was Bryn Sadler from Santa Fe, New Mexico, riding Bon Giorno, owned by Showcase 81, LLC.  The pair went clean and set the time to beat at 45.135 seconds.  Next to jump-off was Devin Ryan, of Long Valley, New Jersey, riding Zosja, owned by Eagle Valley Partners.  Ryan looked to add another grand prix win to his list of winter achievements, but with four faults despite a fast time of 39.087 seconds, the pair would settle for third place overall.  Last to go in the jump off was Theo Genn and Winchester.  The pair went clean and with a time of 41.276 seconds, bested Sadler's time putting her in second place and them in the winner's circle.

"I was very excited to win and very relieved," said Genn.  I had been second weeks 1 through 4 and I really wanted to win-badly. My horse deserved to win-he was incredible every week. When we walked the course, it was really big and pretty technical too, but I had a good feeling about it.  The most difficult part for me was the triple combination. There was an oxer, a one stride to a vertical and then another vertical.  It was a bending seven and depending on how you jumped in it could be really long or short--it was pretty tricky," he said.

"I was happy to see Theo win," said Rheinheimer, "he has been second quite a bit this circuit and he really deserved it.  It's really great when people who support the show win."

Devin Ryan and No Worries, owned by Barbara Rowland finished fourth with a first round time of 87.538 seconds and four faults. Holly Shepherd of Grand Bay, Alabama, rode Triompf, owned by Loretta Patterson to a fifth place finish with a first round time of 101.988 seconds and four jump faults.  Sixth place was Paradox, owned by Thomas Bruinsma and ridden by Theo Genn in a first round time of 103.734 seconds with four jump faults and two time faults.  Devin Ryan returned in seventh place with Calissandro, owned by Barbara Drake and Ryan. The pair turned in a first round effort with eight jump faults in a time of 90.018 seconds. Eighth was H.J. El Magnifico, owned and ridden by Eduardo Braun of Bend, Oregon. The pair turned in a first round time of 90.629 seconds with eight jump faults. Ninth place went to Wilhelm Genn of Lebanon, Ohio, in the irons of Nancy Gooding's Palim Palim with eight jump faults in a time of 94.860 seconds. Tenth place was awarded to Vasco, owned and ridden by Jordan Siegel of Flower Mound, Texas who turned in a first round effort in 95.001 seconds with eight jump faults.  Eleventh place went to Ryan Genn of Lebanon, Ohio, riding Wilhelm Genn's Cookie Monster.  The pair turned in a first round time of 97.562 seconds and eight jump faults. Jay Land wrapped the class up in twelfth aboard his and Kim Land's Nepal with a time of 104.921 seconds, eight jump faults and three time faults.

"All of the horses jumped fantastic and the field held up magnificently well," said Rheinheimer.  "This was such a perfect ending to a perfect circuit.  We had the biggest crowd we have ever had. There must have been 3,500 people at the show. The parking lots were full, they were parked on the road, the stands were full and there was standing room only."

Genn added, "The whole circuit was fantastic. The competition, the course designers, the jumps, the footing and the people, they are just amazing.  The exhibitors are a really great group of people and our horses did really well.  We had a great time and we'll
definitely be back next year." he added.