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Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire CDI-3* Commences at the Del Mar Horse Park

RELEASE: March 8, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Lindsay McCall for www.HorseGirlTV.com

Del Mar, CA - The 2013 Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire CDI-YJ3* launched into action at the Del Mar Horse Park on Thursday, March 7th. The main Rancho Valencia arena maintained a constant horse-in horse-out repetition and the exciting FEI Jog marked the official start of the CDI competition. With an eerie sky threatening rain throughout the morning, the FEI Jog was moved ahead of schedule. Eighteen horses stepped forward passing without hesitation preparing them for Friday’s (CDI) FEI Prix St. Georges Test, (CDI) FEI Young Rider Team Test, and (CDI) FEI Grand Prix Test. During the Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire weekend riders will be aiming for multiple high performance qualifying scores and year-end championships.

Steffen Peters with Legolas (Lindsay McCall for HorseGirlTV.com)
Steffen Peters with Legolas (Lindsay McCall for HorseGirlTV.com)
With the kick-off of the Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire weekend, the initial day was devoted to Level 5 competition of the open show. Among the equestrian celebrities of Güenter Seidel, Steffen Peters, Christine Traurig, Jan Ebeling and Kathleen Raine former presidential nominee Mitt Romney was on the grounds cheering on his wife Ann Romney in the Prix St. Georges. Mrs. Romney’s class winner was Louisdor with Christine Traurig in the saddle for owner Janet Balmuth.

Fellow Prix St. George competitor Sigrid Wolff riding French Kiss was delighted by Thursday’s Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire classes. “My test went much better than expected. This was only Frenchy’s third Prix St. George test so I am really happy with the outcome,” noted Wolff.

She continued, “This is only our second season at the Dressage Affaire and I am enjoying every minute of it. I come down here for the coaching, the show, and the sunshine. I call it my training and show boot camp and take lessons from every trainer I can get my hands on. This is a great show and I am thankful to my business partner Sandra Tillman ofCavallis and my working students at home for giving me the opportunity to be down here.”

For Arizona dressage trainer and judge Beverly Rogers, theRancho Valencia Dressage Affaire looks a little different this time from the view of her saddle. “Usually I am judging this show and each time I come to this show I think to my self that we really need to bring students here,” smiled Rogers. “A lot of people don’t always think the judge’s compete so it’s been fun to see the expressions I receive when I get on a horse.”

Beverly was seen riding six-year-old Rianna, owned by Kendall Brookhart. The last time this horse was at the Del Mar horse show was six years ago when she was still inside her mother’s womb.

With the hot Arizona summers Beverly enjoys judging around the country in the summer and showing in the winter season. “She’s a great trainer noted Rianna’s owner. I was one of her original students in Phoenix and I would be nothing to this day without her guidance.”

Friday, FEI equestrians will aim to achieve top scores under the ground jury of Linda Zang 5* (USA), Joan Macartney 4* (CAN), Jeanne McDonald 4* (USA), Carlos Lopes 4* (POR), and Bo Jena 4* (SWE). With a guaranteed rain storm rolling in throughout the day, the Rancho Valencia main arena will not only provide great cover but it will provide entertainment from the finest of Dressage riders. Friday begins at 7:30 a.m. with the CDI at 1:20 p.m.

Results: Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire CDI-YJ3*, Thursday, March 7, 2013

Class 51 – Intermediaire I – O/AA/JR/YR – 3/7/2013

Place, Final Score, Raw Scores, Horse, Rider, Owner
1 Total Score: 264.50
Percent: 69.605% C: 264.5, Ducati, Nick Wagman, Jacqui Grande
2 Total Score: 247.50
Percent: 65.132% C: 247.5, Xacur HM, Kathleen Raine, Kimberly Carter
3 Total Score: 246.00
Percent: 64.737% C: 246, Sandro’s Ace, Sandy Gardner, Sandy Gardner
Total Score: 245.50

Class 52 – Intermediaire II – O/AA/JR/YR – 3/7/2013

Place, Final Score, Raw Scores, Horse, Rider, Owner
1 Total Score: 254.00
Percent: 66.842% C: 254 Walking on Sunshine, Jo Moran, Robin Shearer

Class 50 – Prix St. Georges – O/AA/JR/YR – 3/7/2013

Place, Final Score, Raw Scores, Horse, Rider, Owner
1 Total Score: 257.50
Percent: 67.763%, C: 257.5, Louisdor, Christine Traurig, Janet Balmuth
2 Total Score: 256.50
Percent: 67.500%, C: 256.5, Natasha, Sue Martin, Karen Drown
3 Total Score: 250.50
Percent: 65.921%, C: 250.5, Barbaro SB I, David Wightman, Kimberly Carter
Total Score: 246.50

Class 53 – Grand Prix – O/AA/JR/YR – 3/7/2013

Place, Final Score, Raw Scores, Horse, Rider, Owner
1 Total Score: 315.50
Percent: 67.128% C: 315.5 Pensamento Heather Kennedy Alanna Sellers
2 Total Score: 313.50
Percent: 66.702% C: 313.5 Lex Sue Martin Marie Earl
3 Total Score: 298.50
Percent: 63.511% C: 298.5 Charisma Jo Moran Jo Moran