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  • USEF Network That means that @j_rae19 & Vindicat W win the @AmericanGoldCup CSI4*-W Grand Prix! 9/14/2014 3:58:41 PM
  • USEF Network Laura Kraut & Andretti S go for it, but come up just short with a clear round in 36.01s #AmericanGoldCup 9/14/2014 3:55:48 PM
  • USEF Network Katie Dinan & Nougat du Vallet jump into second place position with a clear in 37.74s #AmericanGoldCup 9/14/2014 3:53:43 PM
  • USEF Network Wilton Porter has 4 faults in 38.46s on Diamonte Darco in the jump-off #AmericanGoldCup http://t.co/Icn8Lfw9TG 9/14/2014 3:51:48 PM
  • USEF Network Todd Minikus & Babalou 41 are clear in 37.92s. That's the second place jump-off time so far. #AmericanGoldCup http://t.co/GR0YLWa7MT 9/14/2014 3:49:51 PM
  • USEF Network Candice King & Kismet 50 have the first rail down. 4 faults in 39.24s. #AmericanGoldCup http://t.co/nUG8lwOJHs 9/14/2014 3:48:09 PM


Protective Headgear Rule Change for Dressage to Go into Effect April 1, 2013

RELEASE: February 19, 2013

Lexington, KY- The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) wishes to remind all dressage competitors of the rule change to DR120. This change goes into effect on April 1, 2013 and necessitates the usage of protective headgear by anyone mounted on the grounds at all USEF dressage competitions.

DR120 has been amended to require protective headgear as follows:

From the time horses are officially admitted to the competition grounds by competition management, anyone mounted on a horse at any time on the competition grounds including non-competing riders, riders on non-competing horses, and those competing in all classes and tests, including Para-Equestrian tests must wear protective headgear as defined by this rule and otherwise in compliance with GR801. Any rider violating this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited from further riding until such headgear is properly in place. Protective headgear is defined as a riding helmet which meets or exceeds ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)/SEI(Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag. The harness must be secured and properly fitted.

If there are questions regarding this rule or the use of protective headgear at USEF dressage competitions please contact Hallye Griffin by email at hgriffin@usef.org or by phone (859) 225-6918.