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USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final Set to Begin at UPHA American Royal National Championship

RELEASE: November 15, 2012
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: USEF Communications Department

Alexandra Lawson, winner of the 2011 USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final, aboard Imagine My Surprise (Howard Schatzberg)Kansas City, MO - The USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final will be held Saturday, November 17, at the United Professional Horsemen's Association's American Royal National Championship in Kansas City, MO. This medal final brings together the best saddle seat equitation riders from across the country who will perform for a judging panel comprised of Michael Craghead (Fresno, CA), Marilyn MacFarlane (Simpsonville, KY), and Nancy Troutman (Salem, VA).

Four of the riders competing in the medal final are members of the U.S. Saddle Seat World Cup Team, which will compete next month in Parys, South Africa. Those members are Brooke Boyer (Johnston, IA), Hunter Chancellor (Evansville, IN), Emily Chapman (Tucson, AZ), and Abigail Mutrux (St. Louis, MO).

To qualify for the competition, competitors must be 17 years or under and have placed first or second in qualifying classes during the qualification period. The USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final is held in two phases beginning with a preliminary round where all entries complete rail work in groups of 15 or less and perform an individual pattern. The judging panel will select finalists who will then compete in the closing round which is comprised of additional rail work and a second individual pattern. The preliminary rail work, preliminary workout, final rail work, and final workout each count equally toward the outcome of the class.

The name of the winner of the USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final will be engraved on the Adrian Van Sinderen Trophy, alongside a prestigious list of prior winners dating back to 1937, as well as the Helen K. Crabtree Perpetual Bronze. Additionally, the winner will receive a USEF custom leather travel bag. Both the champion and reserve champion will be presented with the traditional USEF medals and rose bundles along with Triple Crown Custom/Horseware Ireland coolers and engraved stable halters for their mounts.

The USEF appreciates to those who graciously contributed to this year's USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final: Platinum Level - Elisabeth M. Goth; Silver Level - Jacqueline and Melissa Beck, the McGinnis Family; Bronze Level - Mary Anne O'Callaghan Cronan, Sarah and Alexandra Lawson, Catherine Schuessler McNeese, James and Margaret Williams; Friends of the Medal Final - Betty Cox, Carol Reams, Erin Swope Votaw.

For more information regarding the USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final, contact Jennifer Mellenkamp, Director, National Breed/Discipline Affiliates and Youth Programs at or (859) 225-6955.