2010 Favorite USEF Breed Competition Winners Announced

RELEASE: December 21, 2010
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: USEF National Affiliates Department

Lexington, KY- December 21 - Two first-place ties in this year’s “Favorite USEF Breeds Competition” attests to the competitive nature of the equestrian sport—and the success of the second running of the United States Equestrian Federation’s one-of-a-kind contest.

In 2009, USEF announced the new contest designed to let members vote for their favorite breed competition while awarding and promoting USEF licensed breed competitions that ran a show so well that exhibitors wanted to call it their favorite. The contest also gives exhibitors the opportunity to provide detailed feedback about the competitions to USEF.

This year, USEF members again stepped up and provided more valuable input than the organization receives on a yearly basis about the competitions members are attending. USEF received nominations for several competitions in many of the breed categories and plenty of positive accompanying feedback. USEF is pleased to announce the winning competitions for each breed and to share some statements from some of the exhibitors:

Breed - Competition - Comments

Andalusian/Lusitano - IALHA REGION I CHAMPIONSHIP (tie)- Staff is so friendly and helpful. The show is very well run and organized. The trophies are incredible and everyone has a great time.
ROCKY MOUNTAIN IBERIAN HORSE CLUB ANDALUSIAN SHOW (tie) - The RMIHC club that hosts this show is very dedicated to putting on a fun inclusive and high quality competition.

Arabian - REGION 4 ALL ARABIAN CHAMPIONSHIP - The facility and especially the footing was wonderful. The people running the facility were so helpful and accommodating. You could tell they wanted us there. They spared no labor or expense to make this a great show for us. Of course the team that ran that show was great as well. All in all, a wonderful place to have a show and it went very nicely! Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

Connemara - WEST COAST CONNEMARA SHOW - Connemara owners are the friendliest group of people I know. Unlike many other shows I have attended, WCCS entrants help each other to do their best and root for each other. It is a very family-oriented show, and everyone encourages each other to have fun while they compete. There are a wide variety of classes offered, everything from "soup to nuts". There is something for everyone: dressage, hunter, jumper, games, costumes, driving, in-hand, trail and a cross-country derby among others. Connemaras do it all.

Friesian - IFSHA FRIESIAN WORLD & GRAND NATIONAL - It was very fun, well organized, beautiful facility and a wonderful overall experience!

Hackney - MIDWEST CHARITY - Once you show at the Midwest Charity, and enjoy the entertainment and hospitality like no other show, you will always want to return. The best show ring and stabling in the country make this a venue that you really enjoy taking your fine animals too. A great showcase for the Hackney breed with a knowledgeable show horse crowd. Love having all of the other breeds at the same show too. This is a quality competition.

Morgan - MASSACHUSETTS MORGAN - This is a great show and exhibitor friendly. Everyone is happy to be there, from the folks in the office to the dressage ring, to the carriage field, and to the coliseum! A show that is always on our list of favorites!

National Show Horse - NSHR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS -The show is managed so well and the atmosphere is fun and not stressful!! They have the progressive barn parties and the NSH Registry has a party they give for free to all the exhibitors at the end of the show!! Thank you NSH Registry and to Cindy Clinton!!!

Paso Fino - PIEDMONT CLASSIC - The competition is great and the show is designed to support and highlight the exhibitors and horses. Competitors from many different states make the show like a mini-nationals. The show management is easy to work with and the dinner party during the show is exciting.

Saddlebred - BLUE RIDGE CLASSIC - Love the location and the horse show committee does its best to make the exhibitor enjoy the show and feel welcome and glad to be there.

Shetland MISSOURI STATE FAIR - User friendly facilities, tradition, enthusiastic crowd.

Welsh - PENN MARYDEL WELSH PONY (tie) - The exhibitors are the best in the world!!! The atmosphere of the show is relaxed but efficient. There are smiles everywhere!!! What a wonderful group of people and ponies!
KELVIDEN CLASSIC I (tie) - It was very well run and organized and there was a great family atmosphere for a competition.

Each voted-for breed competition will receive a letter sharing the positive feedback from their exhibitors. Winning breed competitions will receive the same, along with a plaque from USEF in recognition of their efforts to provide exhibitors with a competition atmosphere prompting votes as a Favorite Breed Competition.

The following two competitions have been randomly selected from to receive the Grand and Runner-up placing:

Grand Prize*—BLUE RIDGE CLASSIC. This competition will receive a pizza party for their exhibitors at the 2011 competition.

Runner-Up*—KELVIDEN CLASSIC I. This competition will receive an ice cream party for their exhibitors at the 2011 competition.

*To be eligible to claim the prize, competitions must remain USEF-licensed for 2011.

We thank the exhibitors and members for taking the time to provide USEF with valuable input about your experience at USEF competitions and invite you to do the same in 2011 when we launch the voting again. You may also always find evaluation forms at the competitions that you can use to provide the same positive input about your experience at USEF competitions. We want to hear your thoughts!

For more information, please contact Lori Nelson, USEF’s Assistant Executive Director, National Affiliates, at (859) 225-6957 or