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USEF Names Eventing Winter Training List

RELEASE: December 9, 2007

Lexington, KY - The United States Equestrian Federation’s Eventing High Performance Committee has approved the following horse and rider combinations for the Eventing Winter Training List. These riders will have the opportunity to train with Chef d’Equipe, Capt. Mark Phillips and Laura Kraut, a member of the U.S. Show Jumping Team, in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Building on the success at the 2007 Pan American Games, the Winter training sessions are an opportunity to fine tune skills. It is anticipated that some of the riders on this winter training list will receive USEF training grants to aid in their preparations for the Olympics and other future international championships.

A Squad


Kristin Bachman/35/Lovettsville, VA/Gryffindor/13/Thoroughbred/G/Krisitin Bachman

Stephen Bradley/45/Leesburg, VA/From/14/Russian Thoroughbred/G/Charlotte Harris

Heidi Carty/42/Aiken, SC/Northern Spy/14/English Thoroughbred/G/Heidi Carty

Phillip Dutton/44/West Grove, PA/Woodburn/9/New Zealand Thoroughbred/G/Acorn Hill Farm

Phillip Dutton/44/West Grove, PA/Truluck/10/Thoroughbred/G/Ann Jones and Shannon Stimson

Phillip Dutton/44/West Grove, PA/The Foreman/11/Throughbred/G/Ann Jones

Gina Miles/34/Creston, CA/McKinlaigh/13/Irish Sport Horse/G/Thomas Schulz and Laura Coats

Bonnie Mosser/45/Unionville, PA/Merloch/10/Thoroughbred Cross/G/Bonnie Mosser

Karen O’Connor/49/The Plains, VA/Theodore O’Connor/12/ThoroughbredxShetlandxArab/G/The Theodore O’Connor Syndicate

Karen O’Connor/49/The Plains, VA/Mandiba/8/Irish Sport Horse/G/Joan Goswell

Karen O’Connor/49/The Plains, VA/Hugh Knows/11/Irish Sport Horse/G/Jacqueline Mars

Amy Tryon/37/Duvall, WA/Poggio II/15/Thoroughbred/G/Mark Hart

B Squad

Laine Ashker/23/Crozier, VA/Frodo Baggins/12/New Zealand Thoroughbred/G/Laine Ashker

Stephen Bradley/45/Leesburg, VA/Brandenburg’s Joshua/12/Thoroughbred/G/Southern Edition Farm

Jan Byyny/40/Purcellville, VA/Syd Kent/9/New Zealand Thoroughbred/G/ Jan, Jo and Richard Byyny

Darren Chiacchia/43/Ocala, FL/Better I Do It/14/Swedish Warmblood/G/Adrienne Iorio

Darren Chiacchia/43/Ocala, FL/Windfall 2/15/Trakehner/Stallion/Timothy Holekamp

Mara Dean/34/Round Hill, VA/High Patriot/9/Oldenburg/G/Irish Oaks Farm

Will Faudree/26/Southern Pines, NC/Antigua/18/Australian Thoroughbred/G/Will Faudree

Jon Holling/30/Ocala, FL/Direct Merger/11/Thoroughbred/G/Janet Olsen

Clark Montgomery/26/Bryan, TX/Up Spirit/8/Irish Sport Horse/G/Carol Montgomery

Kim Severson/34/Keene, VA/Tipperary Liadhnan/10/Irish Sport Horse/G/Elizabeth Wacthmeister

Allison Springer/33/Marshall, VA/Arthur/8/Irish Sport Horse Cross/G/Allison Springer

Amy Tryon/37/Duvall, WA/Coal Creek/7/Thoroughbred/G/Kathryn Sullivan

Amy Tryon/37/Duvall, WA/Leyland/7/Thoroughbred/G/Elisabeth Nicholson

Jennifer Wooten/29/Buellton, CA/The Good Witch/11/Irish Sport Horse/M/Daisy Tognazzini