Ziegler, Nelson, Area III, & Area II Take Eventing Gold Medals at NAJYRC

RELEASE: July 21, 2014

Lexington, Ky. - The 2014 Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North (NAJYRC) came to a close Sunday with the last medals of the Championship being awarded. Area III won Team Gold while David Ziegler made history as he took top Individual honors in the CCI2* portion of the USEA North American Junior and Young Riders' Eventing Championship. In the CCI1*, Area II and their own Alexis Nelson claimed Team and Individual Gold medals.

Area III, CCI2* Team Gold medalists (Brant Gamma Photography)
Area III, CCI2* Team Gold medalists (Brant Gamma Photography)
Area III and Ziegler Top CCI2* Field

 Area III claimed the Team Gold medal with their final score of 238.9.Though the team didn’t have the best dressage scores they persevered on cross country day and held onto their lead through the show jumping phase containing a field of 13 horse-and-rider combinations.

“My favorite part about this sport is that you can start at the bottom and move to the top,” said Calvin Ramsay, the team’s top finisher.

The Area III CCI2* team consisted of:
Nicole Doolittle (16, Charlotte, N.C.) and Tops (8/0) - 100.7
Adrian Jones (16, Shamong, N.J.) and Irish Odyssey (0/0) - 127.1
Calvin Ramsay (17, Lafayette, La.) and Flintstar (0/0) - 63.2
Emily Rusinyak (19, Franklin, Ga.) and Reatta HW (12/0) – 75.0

The teammates had ups and downs throughout the weekend but rose to the occasion and didn’t let the pressure get to them.

“My favorite part about being on a team is that even my rides didn’t go to plan I was able to cheer on my teammates and end up finishing with a medal,” Jones explained.

The combined team of Areas V and VI joined together as the only three-person team in the CCI2*. For their efforts, they were rewarded with the Team Silver medal with a score of 258.3.

The Area V &VI CCI2* team consisted of:
Bailey Moran (18, San Antonio, Texas) and Loughnatousa Caislean (0/0) – 83.4
Katie Resnick (18, Dallas, Texas) and The King’s Spirit (4/0) – 116.2
Alexandra Willoughby (21, Davis, Calif.) and Tiki Car (4/0) – 66.7

“We all talked about it and were like alright, let’s put our big girl pants on here because we’re a three-person team, we don’t have a drop score so we all have to ride our best to get on that podium,” Resnick said.

The Canada/Ontario team endured some rough moments but held on to earn a spot on the podium. Their final score of 1138.5 was enough to get them the Bronze medal.

The Canada/Ontario CCI2* team consisted of:
Lauren Clark (18, Uxbridge, Ontario) and Coolumn XV (8/0) – 74.3
Hanna Bundy (20, Toronto, Ontario) and D'Jion – 1000.0 (eliminated on cross country)
Jamie Kellock (19, New Market, Ontario) and Don't Blink – 1000.0 (rider fall on cross country)
April Simmonds (17, Uxbridge, Ontario) and Impressively Done (4/0) – 64.2

“I did feel a little pressure because I was in second and our team was in third and if the other team had some rails there was a possibility that we would move up so I was definitely really trying,” said the team’s top finisher, Simmonds.

The name at the top of the CCI2* leaderboard didn’t change with David Ziegler (21, Beiseker, Alberta) of Canada claiming the Individual Gold medal. Riding Critical Decision, Ziegler knocked three rails but had a substantial enough lead that he held on for the win with a score of 58.3.

“The first three fences felt fantastic to me but then going down the line to the triple I miscounted two strides in my head…rider error completely,” Ziegler explained.

Ziegler also found success in the dressage portion of NAJYRC, winning Individual Silver in the Young Rider Dressage Individual Championship. He plans to continue with both disciplines as long as he has the horses. Ziegler will see where his dressage mount, Peninsula Top Man, can go and while Critical Decision will likely be retired soon, he has some young prospects who could also be stars.

Ziegler made history at the 2014 NAJYRC by being the first competitor to earn medals in two different disciplines. On Friday he won Silver in the dressage Young Rider Individual Test and then added eventing Young Rider Individual Gold on Sunday.

Calvin Ramsay of Area III rose from sixth to second to earn an Individual Silver medal. Being one of only three pairs to go double clear and the sole Young Rider competitors to finish on their dressage score, he and Flintstar rose to the occasion to win the Silver with a score of 63.2.

“It is what I appreciate most about the sport. It’s not just a one day deal. You can come back the next day and the day after that,” Ramsay stated. “With a good jump through cross country and a good jump in stadium you can end up at the top which is what I guess what happened today.”

Ramsay plans to give “Flint” a much deserved break before starting back up with him over the winter.

April Simmonds of Canada/Ontario also added an Individual Bronze medal to her spoils over the weekend. She and Impressively Done knocked just one rail at fence 10 but finished strongly on a score of 64.2.

“It was definitely an awesome course. It was very forward which I tend to enjoy at some points. My horse was really, really good. He was jumping out of his shoes,” Simmonds said, praising her horse.

Simmonds’ horse gave her a great feeling and seems to thrive in championship competition. The pair won the Individual Bronze medal in the CCI1* in 2013. Simmonds is now qualified for the 2015 Pan American Games and hopes that she could make the team. If that is not the case, she looks forward to returning to NAJYRC next year.

Area II and Nelson Are Golden in CCI1*

Area II, CCI1* Team Gold medalists (Brant Gamma Photography)
Area II, CCI1* Team Gold medalists (Brant Gamma Photography)
Area II held onto their lead from Saturday to claim top honors in the CCI1*. An overall team score of 165.9 was more than good enough for the Team Gold medal.

The Area II CCI1* team consisted of:
Grace Fulton (15, Finksburg, Md.) and Wild Orange (0/0) - 57.9
Margret Schaeffer (17, Quakertown, Pa.) and Grey Area (4/0) - 54.6
Madeline Mosing (16, Hoffman, Texas) and Tako (4/0) - 65.8
Alexis Nelson (18, Purcellville, Va.) and Total Eclipse (0/0) - 49.4

“I think that all of us are just the happiest people in the world right now,” Nelson shared.

The girls had a strong bond and worked together to make a successful ending a reality.

The Team Silver medal went to Area V after they finished with a total score of 190.5. The team produced solid rides in the three phases, allowing them to garner a place on the podium.

The Area V CCI1* team consisted of:
Nicole Hatley (16, Tulsa, Okla.) and Ace (0/0) – 64.6
Margaret Stoker (16, Dallas, Texas) and Second Hand Rose (rider fall on cross country)
Clara Cargile (17, San Angelo, Texas) and White Indian (0/0) – 55.2
Alyssa Phillips (17, Fort Worth, Texas) and Bliss III (0/0) – 70.7

All the members had high praise for Richard Jeffery’s course and knew they had to ride smart to be successful.

“I thought it was a good course. I knew she would be a little feisty so I had to control that so we could have a solid round for everyone to go off of,” Phillips said.

All of the three team members impressively had double clear rounds, not allowing themselves to be phased on the final day of competition.

Area VIII received the Bronze medal on their home turf with a final score of 196.9. All the team members were competing in the NAJYRC for the first time and handled the pressure of a major championship.

The Area VIII CCI1* team consisted of:
Woods Baughman (18, Lexington, Ky.) and Truckee Bash (4/0) – 66.1
Samantha Laurel (17, Louisville, Ky.) and Baba Creek (12/0) – 69.7
M. Paige Pence (15, Louisville, Ky.) and Class Action (0/0) – 61.1
Kelly Taylor (17, Prospect, Ky.) and Kynynmont Indelibly Irish (0/0) – 82.5

Two of the team members, Pence and Taylor, who rarely have double clear rounds rose to the occasion to help their team earn a medal.

“My round was probably the best that I’ve ever had because I have never had a double clear round, only than one other double clear round, so I was really happy with my horse,” Taylor said.

Alexis Nelson of Area II won a second Gold medal for her individual efforts. She and Total Eclipse, a reject from an Appaloosa breeding farm that she bought for $800 and broke herself with the help of trainers, won top honors with a score of 49.4. The pair added nothing to their dressage score to rise to the top.

“We went up the levels together with a lot of struggles but also a lot of awesome moments,” Nelson fondly said of “Casper.” “He is just the coolest guy in the world and he takes such good care of me.”

Patience O’Neal (14, Deer Park, Wash.) of the Area VII and IX combined team and her mount Markus rose from fifth place after a double clear round on Sunday to receive Individual Silver. With one of 10 double clear rounds, the pair ended up with a score of  55.0.

“I thought my horse jumped really well. He was really excited, I think because of the big ring, because in the Northwest we really don’t have big arenas,” O’Neal said.

Despite the atmosphere, she and Markus found their rhythm just fine, earning an Individual medal.

Clara Cargile of Area V received another medal, Individual Bronze, when she and White Indian had a strong finish. Also adding nothing to her dressage score, Cargile finished in second with a score of 55.2.

“I thought the course looked really good. I was pretty nervous but not as nervous as I thought I’d be,” Cargile explained.  “I just knew I had to stay forward and keep thinking positively.”

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