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  • USEF Network Giavanna Rinaldi & G.P.S. Brilliant Disguise were brilliant, winning another A/O Jr. Jumper class. #nationa... https://t.co/CdwzBN1A9i 10/30/2014 9:07:22 PM
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Saddlebred & Hackney Exhibitor News from Devon

RELEASE: May 13, 2014

Devon, Pa.
- The Devon Horse Show & Country Fair welcomes Saddlebred and Hackney exhibitors to the 2014 show.Takea look at all the exciting changes to come during the 2014 show.

New daily work arena
We have a brand new work area dedicated exclusively for the daily use of our Saddlebred and Hackney exhibitors. This was made possible only by the generosity of Candi Covino Aversenti and Charlie Jones.

Classes on USEF Network
Also new this year is the live webcast of all the evening Saddlebred and Hackney classes including the afternoon session of "Devon at Sunset" prior to the Grand Prix at www.usefnetwork.com/featured/2014devon/

Additional Classes Added
On Wednesday afternoon we have added a Junior Fine Harness and a Junior Park Pleasure Class. Devon is trying to support our emerging stars.

Headphones available for purchase to better understand the horses in the ring
This year we are offering headphones for daily purchase for spectators who want to better understand what the judges are looking for in the ring. Carson Kressley and others will be providing commentary during the show. We think this is a great way to educate our public about our breeds!

Official New Saddlebred and Hackney Horse Show Committee
The new committee is co-chaired by Sharon Ellingwood White and Janet Crawford Hicks. We thank them for their hard work.

Official New 250 plus page Devon Program Book totally revised
This year we have totally redone the official Program book that now features articles on all the various disciplines that are competing here at Devon and also has articles on Devon's long and storied history over the last 118 years. It now includes photos of prior year's winners where possible and photos of the trophies offered. In addition, the Saddlebred and Hackney sections are fabulous and very informative! Please make sure you buy a program book.

Exhibitor Only Venues
Please remember to stop by the Exhibitor Hospitality room under the South grandstand each evening from 5-7 PM for refreshments and light food. This is a special free event just for exhibitors... just show your wristband. This year we have several Devon memorabilia on display including vintage Devon trophies, photos and other treasures. Various members of the Devon Hospitality Committee will reach out to each exhibitor to welcome them and to see if they need any assistance. And do not forget that under the East Grandstand is the Exhibitors' Lounge which is open all day and evening offering light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. This is a place to sit, relax in air conditioned comfort and watch via webcast the action in the Dixon Oval. Free Wi FI is also available.

Open Hackney Horse Championship
The Open Hackney Horse Championship is receiving a lot of attention this year as there are a good number of entries coming from across the country and the class has also been moved to the evening so as to garner even more attention from the large crowds Devon is famous for! Devon Board Member Jane MacElree has donated a stunning trophy, the Devon Victory Cup, for the class that her family won here at Devon in the Hackney Horse Championship back in 1933.

Special Exhibitor Gift Card
The outstanding tradition of a warm welcome to Devon continues. A fabulous welcome gift awaits the arrival of each Saddlebred and Hackney exhibitor that you will not want to miss. Each exhibitor will receive an exclusively designed Devon number pin and a $50 gift card to purchase Devon gift items from our Official Souvenir Booth located near the main entrance of the show. This card is courtesy of Willisbrook Farm LLC and Elizabeth Ververeli. 

New Equestrian Vendor Space
On the far side of the Main grandstand we have a new tent with equestrian shops. Please stop by to see what wonderful items you might want to take back home.

Special Exhibitions
The Budweiser Clydesdales are back!. This should be a lot of fun.