Jetset and Lindsay Strafuss Make A Comeback to Win Grand Adult Amateur Hunter Championship

RELEASE: May 8, 2014
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.

Lindsay Strafuss and Jetset (The Book LLC)
Lindsay Strafuss and Jetset (The Book LLC)
North Salem, N.Y.
–  The Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows continued today and in the hunter ring, the Grand Adult Amateur Hunter Championship was awarded to Jetset, ridden by Lindsay Strafuss of Memphis, TN. 

Jetset won the under saddle class and was first, first, third, and fifth over fences. They won the championship in the Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunters, and their top finishes gave them the grand championship. The reserve champion in the 18-35 division was Compliment, ridden and owned by Stephanie Bulger. They were first, second, third, and fifth over fences and sixth in the under saddle.

Strafuss recently moved to the area, and this was her first time showing at Old Salem Farm. “I love it, it's beautiful. The prizes are amazing, everything is really well organized, the footing is great. The horses seem happy.”

Strafuss has had a nine-year partnership with Jetset, a 14-year-old Dutch warmblood gelding owned by Castle Point Farm LLC, and she trains with Judy Garofalo Torres of Higher Ground Farm. “I feel a really special bond [with him],” Strafuss said. “He loves me, and I love him. We've been through everything together, high school, college, now. I think I'll slowly transition into jumpers after him because I'll never have another hunter like him.”

Strafuss said that Jetset “loves showing.” She continued with a smile, “When he's out in the field, he bucks all the time, but when he's in the ring, he knows his job. I just point and shoot, and he's great. But he's done it a long time! He's a funny one. He gets mad in the jogs, but he loves treats. If you can bribe him, he's a happy boy.”

Their long-term partnership was put to the test this week when the pair returned to the show ring for only the second time after a three-year absence. Strafuss has been recovering from two herniated discs in her back, and it took years to recover physically and mentally to get back on a horse.

“It's the icing on the cake,” she said of the championship. “I've had him for so long. He's been kind of tricky, but this is proving that he can come back after a couple years off and be the winner.”

Lindsay Strafuss receives her Grand Adult Amateur Hunter Championship award (The Book LLC)
Lindsay Strafuss receives her Grand Adult Amateur Hunter Championship award (The Book LLC)
She related, “I thought I was never going to ride a horse again, so this really does mean a lot. It's my second show back. It took that long, and mentally, I thought, 'What if I fall off?' Backs are dangerous. To come up here and win is a great feeling. I have a great team. Now, when I go in the ring, I enjoy just being able to be on a horse. Then when it comes together and I win, it's even better. I really appreciate being on a horse.”

In the Adult Amateur 36-45 Hunters, the champion was Choco Mousse, ridden and owned by Alicia Nisberg. They placed first, second, second, and third over fences and were second in the under saddle. Black Tie was reserve champion. Ridden by Blair Balmer and owned by Deer Hill Farm, Black Tie was first, second, fourth, and fourth over fences and third under saddle.

The Adult Amateur 46 & Over Hunter championship went to Nairobi Nights and Laura Lee Montross. Nairobi Nights, who is owned by Palm Meadows Farm LLC, won three over fences classes and was fourth under saddle. Mystique and Hope Rothschild were reserve champions after they placed first, fourth, and fourth over fences and won the under saddle.

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