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South Carolina Equestrian Wins 2014 SEC Championship

RELEASE: March 29, 2014
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Sean Cartell for the South Eastern Conference

The SEC Champion South Caroline Gamecocks (Allen Sharpe)
The SEC Champion South Caroline Gamecocks (Allen Sharpe)
Blythewood, S.C.
- Top-ranked South Carolina captured its second consecutive Southeastern Conference Equestrian Championship, winning the 2014 event with a 10-10 [4040.25-4036.75] victory against second-ranked Georgia on Saturday at One Wood Farm in Blythewood, S.C.

The Gamecocks, after defeating Texas A&M on Friday, won on the tiebreaker against Georgia. South Carolina won the hunt seat events 6-4, while the Bulldogs captured the western events 6-4.

"I'm just very proud of this team for such a hard fought win today," South Carolina head coach Boo Major said. "These ladies have worked so hard all season because they wanted to repeat as SEC Champions, and to see that year-long goal pay off today, it's such a special moment. We tip our hat to Georgia's entire team and Coach [Meghan] Boenig; they exemplified what sportsmanship is all about today. But I'm so proud of our kids for how hard they've worked all season long and their commitment to one another."

In the consolation round, third-seeded Auburn defeated fourth-seeded Texas A&M 10-8. The Tigers won the hunt seat events 7-3, while the Aggies took home the western events 5-3.

The 2014 SEC All-Championship Team consisted of Katherine Schmidt from South Carolina (Equitation Over Fences), Meg O’Mara from Georgia (Equitation On The Flat), Laura Brainard from Texas A&M (Horsemanship) and Katsy Leeman from Auburn (Reining).

2014 SEC All-Championship Team
Equitation Over Fences: Katherine Schmidt, South Carolina
Equitation On The Flat: Meg O’Mara, Georgia
Horsemanship: Laura Brainard, Texas A&M
Reining: Katsy Leeman, Auburn

Saturday’s MVP Honors

Equitation Over Fences: Meg O’Mara, Georgia
Equitation On The Flat: Alexa Anthony, South Carolina
Horsemanship: Johnna Letchworth, South Carolina
Reining: McKenzie Lantz, Georgia

Equitation Over Fences: Quincy Hayes, Auburn
Equitation On The Flat: Christina Lin, Auburn
Horsemanship: Laura Brainard, Texas A&M
Reining: Katsy Leeman, Auburn