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  • USEF Network Eduardo Menezes & Quintol Mercedes Benz have one jump-off fence down (the last one!) in 38.923s. #HITSThermal 1/25/2015 5:59:53 PM


Maddrix Pilots KT Cher to the Win in the $10,000 Open Jumper Season Opener in Pensacola

RELEASE: January 12, 2014
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Cl assic Communications

Tim Maddrix pilots Claudia Styslinger's KT Cher to the win in Saturday night's $10,000 Open Jumper class (A&S 2014)
Tim Maddrix pilots Claudia Styslinger's KT Cher to the win in Saturday night's $10,000 Open Jumper class (A&S 2014)
Pensacola, Fla. -
The Pensacola community packed the stands Saturday night in the covered arena at the Escambia County Equestrian Center to watch some top show jumpers compete for the $10,000 Open Jumper purse.

Eighteen horse and rider combinations took to the course designed by Classic Company's Official Course Designer, Allen Rheinheimer of Zionsville, Indiana.  "I designed this course to be welcoming for both horse and rider and I'm happy with the results," Rheinheimer commented.

No one was happier than Timothy Maddrix of Birmingham, Ala., who rode Claudia Styslinger's KT Cher to the win, beating Eduardo Leon's Bugati, ridden by Wilhelm Genn in a jump off round of 34.198 seconds.  Genn's jump off time with Bugati was just a fraction of a second slower in 34.992 seconds which saw them finish with the red ribbon.  "To be honest, I thought Wilhelm had me," commented Maddrix, "Wilhelm [Genn] was really fast and I just won by a fraction of a second.  The jump off round was really fun with some great turns and it was an overall fun time," he added.

Of the eighteen rounds, only four returned for the jump-off round.  Big Promise, owned and ridden by Aleece Jarman of Pace, Florida took third place in the class after double clean rounds and a jump off time of 37.445 seconds.  Fourth place was awarded to Akida, owned by Wilhelm Genn and Mark Atkins, and ridden by Wilhelm Genn of Lebanon, Ohio. After a clean first round, the pair returned for the jump off but with nineteen faults and a time of 57.235 seconds, the duo would finish in fourth.

Jarman returned for the fifth place ribbon, this time aboard her own Cantori, with a first round time of 86.726 seconds and two time faults.  Sixth place was awarded to Theo Genn of Lebanon, Ohio, in the irons aboard Winchester, owned by Bridlebourne Stables, LLC in a first round time of 86.915 seconds and two time faults.  Seventh place was awarded to Marylisa Leffler of Brookover, Maryland, riding Rolling Acres' Carlot in a first round time of 87.477 and three time faults.

"This is my favorite Classic Company horse show," said Maddrix.  "We're going to finish up this Sunday before 4 and head to the beach for dinner.  My clients and I just love it here," he added.