Friesian World and Grand National Championship Horse Show Recap

RELEASE: October 16, 2013

The 2013 IFSHA Friesian World and Grand National Championship Horse Show was held from October 2 through 6 in Lexington, Virginia.

This annual celebration of the Friesian horse began on Monday the 30th of September when early arrivals made their way to the Virginia Horse Center and almost 60 of those came early to take advantage of the FHANA Keuring on the 1st, sponsored by the Mid Atlantic Friesian Horse Association.

This was the 10th year that IFSHA has held a USEF Championship Finals Event for the Friesian Horse in America. I was lucky enough to be asked to Judge the very first Show at the Industry Hills Equestrian Centre on the outskirts of Los Angeles in 2004 along with the late Dr. George Oeppert from Germany and Mr. Fetse Veldstra of the Netherlands. The Horse Show has traveled from Coast to Coast and in the middle trying to allow the largest amount of Friesian owners to participate over the last ten years. IFSHA has held the Show in Los Angeles 2004, Virginia 2005, 2011, 2013, Las Vegas 2006, Lake St Louis 2007, 2008, 2009, Del Mar 2010, 2012. Although the IFSHA Board had originally tried to move the Show back to the West Coast in 2014 no workable dates were found at a facility the association could afford and so, along with the heavy debt load from the 2012 show and lack of participation, the Board had to make the decision to return to Virginia in 2014. This seems to have been a wise choice as the 2013 Horse Show had the most horses and class entries in its ten-year history. Sponsors also showed incredible support of both the Association and our Charities. A full list of Sponsors is available on our web sites and and recorded all the events in print and video for your viewing pleasure.

This years Dressage Day, which, for the second year in a row, sold out early in ride times also included Western Dressage. Guy and Karen Homer-Brown were on hand from the Western Dressage Association of America to observe and help us with this new division for the future. Debbie Rodriguez of Williamsburg, Virginia expertly judged all the classes. Patty Littmann of Agoura, California was our Dressage Secretary and Janice Enneking Welch of Lebanon, Tennessee, our Technical Delegate for USDF. Wednesday evening brought Ridden and In Hand Trail to the main Arena with Dr. Walter de la Brosse of Los Angeles officiating a large group of talented exhibitors.

Paula Brand of Burbank, California took over from me as on site manager on Thursday morning and did an outstanding job of keeping us on schedule for the rest of the week. Paula

Brand has helped us for years with her incredible gifts of Hospitality and managed the very first show in Los Angeles in 2004.In addition to Dr de la Brosse, our National Panel included, Joanne Crockett of Aubrey, TX and Gayle Lampe of Fulton, MO. Audrey Bostwick of Perkasie, PA was our ADS Driving Judge. Doug Shane was again Master of Ceremonies and for the first time, William G. "Billy" Whitley was Ringmaster. Cecile Hetzel-Dunn was our tireless USEF Steward who patiently answered rule questions all week. For nine of our ten years Nancy Nathanson has been our mainstay in the Show Office and has accomplished for IFSHA the work of ten every year. Along the Journey of this championship Horse Show Nancy has helped win the USEF Favorite Breed Competition for IFSHA Three times, been named Top Ten Secretary and received the USEF Medal of Honor. Nancy has agreed to stay on as Executive Secretary of IFSHA but will be retiring as Show Secretary. Please join me in thanking her for so many years of service to the National Show and continued support of IFSHA and the Membership.

Now to talk about horses! and what horses they were! Big, Black, Feathered, with manes and tails flying. Their distinctive trot and noble carriage brought goose bumps to your arms and a tear to the eye. I have rarely seen a horse that can give 110% to its performance and settle down to nuzzle his owner in a few seconds like the Friesian! What a joy it has been to be your president and show manager for so many years. We all have one thing in common and that is our love for the Horse. In these difficult days it is so important that we all have something in common and those of us that are members of IFSHA and USEF are lucky enough to name the Friesian Horse as that common denominator. The Friesian still has much to teach us on how to be noble, giving, empathetic, generous and appreciative. We are all so lucky to have this incredible horse in our lives and be its caregiver and protector.

Although the Show was a success, a great deal is still left to accomplish. Our show schedule needs a complete overhaul and we have a brand new Board and Officers to accomplish this. Our new President, Mrs. Sandy Jacob of WI, Vice President Mr. Bruce Griffin of VA, Treasurer Mrs. Gail Aumiller of OH and Secretary Dorothy, (DJ) Brown of WI. Xena Vimercati, CA, Jannie Giles, KY, Cindy Deering, IL. Chrissy Fohr, WI, Leslie Burkhammer, CA. and myself make up your Board for 2014.

Horses traveled all the way from California this year and among the big winners in 2013 were the 2011 USEF Horse of the Year, Sjoerd who continued to be undefeated at Halter winning all three of his classes and being named High Point Halter Horse of the show. A new entry for Lorick stables, shown by Steven Stiller was Arja LSI. She started her career by being named Region 2 Champion, then Ster Mare at the FHANA Keuring and won IFSHA World Champion Baroque and Sport Horse Mares as well as being the first recipient of the beautiful Bronze Memorial Perpetual Trophy donated by Karen Aneiro to honor the memory of her beloved mare, Angela M. for being named World Champion Junior Friesian Mare. In the Amateur Handler Friesian Mare Class she tied for first shown by Dale Pitcock with her old stable mate Hendrica LSI and Janae Griffin. The call judge went with the older mare and younger handler and so ended her winning streak to another great mare and handler. Hendrica LSI went on to win an amazing Two World Titles, 3 Reserve World Championships, 3 National Tiles and 4 Top Fives for Little River Plantation Holdings and shown by Griffin Sport Horses.

A young Stallion from Holland via Florida owned by the Alvarez Family and shown by Bruce

Griffin made quite an impression all week. Eike van de Terp started on Tuesday by being named a Ster Stallion at the Keuring and then World Junior Champion Stallion, World Champion Baroque Junior Stallion, National Champion Friesian Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse and Reserve Championships in Dressage Suitability and World Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse! Co fan S, another entry of Little River Plantation won an amazing Five World Championships from Halter to Park and Driving showing the greet versatility of Friesian geldings. Beth and Jim Kornegay definitely got their exercise traveling to center ring for win pictures with Rick Osteen as their World Champion Geldings, Ellis G.V. and Griffin G.V. went home with 2 World Championships, 1 Reserve, 4 National Titles 2 Reserves and 1Top five for the week with Griffin Sport Horses. In the Part Bred classes two black and white Pintos took home more tricolors than the rest, they were Bizkit with Terry Tatman for Gwendolyn Schmidt and the Vimercati Team with TDR Zivah the Diva. A young Part Bred with a great future ahead of her is the Half Saddlebred filly, PK Georgian on my Mind who was undefeated all week winning three Halter divisions and the Liberty Mares Class for owner handler Amberly Kathleen Pitts. The Great Model mare Godiva rarely gets beat and this year was no exception as she won six World Championships with Terry Tatman for Dream Gait Friesians in Halter, Liberty, Park, Fine Harness and Ride and Drive. On Friday night we were able to raise $1,300 in entries that we have sent to the very deserving Fenway Foundation who continue to do excellent research on behalf of the Friesian horse. The Class was beautifully won by Annika Bruggeworth on Brend V. Brend V. stayed undefeated all week and not only won the Baroque Senior Gelding class but was also World Champion out of 21 horses in the Yellow Ribbon Fund Championship with Annika in the Irons. Annika flanked by her good friend Carson Kressley immediately matched the $2,100 raised for our cause bringing our donation to $4.200. Well, Barry and Shawnda Smoker were in the audience and they too matched our donation bringing the total raised to $6,300.

Saturday afternoon at 5 PM saw a beautiful Party presented by USEF for the Exhibitors in honor of the Show winning the “Favorite Breed Competition” for the third year in a row. The relaxed atmosphere and good food increased the participation in the annual general meeting which was extremely positive and fruitfull.
The week was full of talented Horsemen and women riding the Great Black Horse known as the Friesian and it's Part Bred progeny. From Pan American riders, like Julio Mendoza; World caliber Carriage Driving whips like Suzy Stafford and Great American Trainers like Bruce Griffin, Jannie Giles, Terry Tatman, Danielle Barrasso, Steven Stiller, Jodi van Sprang, Rebecca Eccard, Greg Peak, Kelly Bauer, Cheryl Baird and so many more just starting to make an impact on the show Friesian we have much to look forward to. A few of our incredible Amateurs need also to be mentioned: the very generous Annika Bruggeworth and our very own Celebrity Carson Kressley bring a sense of glamour and excitement to the show. Long time Breeders Rick Butts and Lorie Washuta are helping to develop the American bred Friesian along with other great Amateurs like Beth and Jim Kornegay and Gwendolyn Schmidt of Dream Gait Friesians. The Little River Plantation of Florida is fast becoming one of our best supporters along with Van Guard Friesians who continues to amaze us all with their incredible costumes and beautifully turned out Horses. Karen Waldron of Bent Tree Farms, Ltd, Dale and Becky Pitcock, Gail Aumiller, the entire Dream Gait and Griffin Sport Horse Teams as well as so many others that volunteered their time to make the 2013 a show to be remembered.