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Ashlee Bond & Chela L-S Take the Win at the Grand Prix of Huntington Beach

RELEASE: August 11, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: West Palms Event Managment

 Ashlee Bond and Chela L-S (McCool)
Ashlee Bond and Chela L-S (McCool)
Huntington Beach, CA
-  The fourth event in the $260,000 GGT Grand Prix Series drew a great crowd, and the riders did not disappoint with 4 clear rounds moving into the jump off. Ashlee Bond and Chela L-S took the win with a fast double clear, capturing the blue ribbon and moving into third in the current GGT Series standings. "Chela L-S is a hot, but careful horse and it's so fun to gallup around with her and let her take the fences as they come. It was a tough course and was great practice for the World Cups coming up. This is a great venue with world-class footing and you can't ask for better than that."

The Grand Prix of Huntington Beach Results
Place Horse Rider Round 1 Faults Round 1 Time JO Faults JO Time
1 Chela L-S Ashlee Bond 0 57.264 0 36.092
2 Varon Kasey Ament 0 65.569 0 38.304
3 Carismo Z Justin Resnik 0 65.255 8 41.531
4 Aquino 49 Michelle Kerivan 0 66.481 14 53.769
5 Agro Star (8) Ashlee Bond 4 59.646 
6 Kiss The Sky Lyn Clarke 4 60.02 
7 Saint Quentin Peter Petschenig 4 60.697 
8 Coco Michelle Rodal 4 61.515 
9 Copias Justin Resnik 4 63.178 
10 Mucho Gusto Melissa Doddridge 4 65.212 
11 Amazing V Michelle Rodal 4 66.016 
12 Karina 445 Susan Artes 12 63.708