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Katherine Strauss and Chellando Z Capture High Junior Jumper Win at Kentucky Summer Horse Show

RELEASE: July 26, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Phelps Media Group, Inc. International

Katherine Strauss and Chellando Z (Phelps Media Group, Inc. International)
Katherine Strauss and Chellando Z (Phelps Media Group, Inc. International)
Lexington, KY
- It was another picturesque day at the Kentucky Horse Park as the Junior and Amateur-Owner Jumpers took center stage in the Rolex Stadium. Only two riders produced perfect rounds in the High Junior Jumpers, and it was Katherine Strauss and Chellando Z who had the time in the jump-off to capture the win. In the High Amateur-Owner Jumpers Haley Schaufeld aboard Harley 86 won a foot race between five riders.

Richard Jeffery of Bournemouth, England presented the same test for the High Junior and Amateur-Owner Jumpers, which included an open water option, an oxer-vertical double combination, and an oxer-vertical-oxer triple combination. For the jump-off, riders began with bending line, followed by a tight rollback to a second bending line before showing over the double combination and finishing over a tall vertical.

The first rider to advance to the short course in the High Junior Jumpers was Sydney Shulman and HH Narcos Du Marais, owned by Back Country Farm of Greenwich, CT. In an attempt to lay down a quick time they had a rail coming into the combination. Their four-fault effort in 37.492 seconds would be good enough for third place.

Katherine Strauss was the next to show over the short course with her veteran partner Chellando Z. The duo had all of the answers, easily galloping through the turns and clearing each obstacle. They broke the beam at 33.125 seconds to post a fault-free time that could not be beat, winning the class.

The top rank became a battle between Strauss, the Individual Silver medal winner at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championship (NAJYRC) in the Junior Jumper division, and Individual Junior Jumper Gold medalist Eugenio Garza of Mexico. Garza tried to catch Strauss aboard Huapango, owned by El Milagro of Dallas, TX. The pair produced a clear round, but their time of 33.911 fell just short of the lead, putting them in second place.

Gabrielle Bausano of New York, NY and Zibon HC, also qualified for the short course, but a four-fault round placed them fourth, while Adrian Berganza of Mexico and Corlando Van Koekshop placed fifth after incurring eight faults during the tiebreaker.

Strauss was thrilled with Chellando Z's performance during the jump-off. "We did eight strides in the first line, even though we planned nine, it just lined up perfectly," she smiled. "I feel really comfortable spinning him back to the jumps. I also felt comfortable flying into the double because I knew he would pat the ground and clear 'B'."

Chellando Z and Strauss have been partnered together for two years and have been successful all over the country. "I know Chellando Z like the back of my hand, and I really trust him," she explained. "He likes a really connected ride coming up to the bit. Everything we do works together; we've always clicked."

The NAJYRC Individual Silver medalist and Team Gold medalist added, "The courses at Young Riders were all really challenging; there was no place to make a mistake. You have to be riding your best everywhere. It was nice coming back today and being able to take a breather."

In the High Amateur-Owner Jumpers, seven riders made it to the final round and five were double clear, creating a race for the winning prize. Chelsea Moss of Medford, NJ, and Lorena 90 were the first in the ring and had a target on their back as they left all the fences intact and finished in a tidy 35.902 seconds, which held up for third place. Liz Atkins and L'Etoile, owned by Benchmark Stables of Hampshire, IL, followed them with a clear round, but their time of 36.727 seconds was only good enough for fourth. Whitney Lyon and Bugs Bunny V Overis Z, owned by Coniston Farm of Marengo, IL, had the slowest double clear in a close 36.905 seconds for fifth place.

Rogelio A Pellerano Heinsen of Miami, FL, was the first to best Moss' time, clearing all of the fences and breaking the beam at 34.642 seconds with Precieuse Platiere. Unfortunately, his leading time was short lived, and he had to take home second place when Haley Schaufeld of Leesburg, VA, entered the ring with Harley 86. The pair was on point and easily galloped over the winding course, leaving each fence in place and dashing through the finish in 33.765 seconds to capture the blue ribbon.

"I made up time in the line down the middle because the other people I saw did seven and my horse has such an open stride that I decided to do six," explained Schaufeld. "Sometimes we have trouble with the sharp turns, but I feel like Harley was spot on today. We just really tried to go for it."

Schaufeld has owned Harley 86 for about a year and has great chemistry with the talented mare. "Harley is really spectacular in the ring. She has a lot of blood, but when she sees the fence you feel totally confident because you know she's going to try her best to go clear. She just loves her job," said Schaufeld.

On Sunday, Schaufeld and Harley 86 will compete in the High Amateur-Owner Classic. The Kentucky Summer Horse Shows are one of her favorite stops on the circuit each year. "The facility is amazing, the footing is great, and the courses are really good," she smiled. "This is one of my favorite shows."

Earlier Friday, the Open Jumpers divisions were held in the Rolex Stadium. Sayre Happy and HC Woopy 14, owned by HC Sport Horses of Wellington, FL, showcased their talent with a double clear round in 35.107 seconds to win the 1.30m Open Jumpers. Callie Schott of Versailles, KY, and Shaamen posted the first faultless round during the jump-off, tripping the timers in 38.100 seconds for third place. The second place award went to Lucas Porter and Patriot, owned by Sleepy P Ranch of Bartonville, TX, who left all the fences standing in 36.245 seconds.

Jumper action will continue tomorrow with the week's highlight event, the $50,000 Rood & Riddle Kentucky Grand Prix. The class will get underway at 7:30 p.m. in the Rolex Stadium, and is held in conjunction with the Kentucky Horse Park's Hat's Off Day, a celebration of the horse and its impact on the state of Kentucky.

Class 670, JUNIOR JUMPER HIGH 1.40m II 2b
1    176    CHELLANDO Z     KATHERINE STRAUSS     0    0    0    33.125    0    0    0    33.125   
2    865    HUAPANGO     EUGENIO GARZA     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    33.911   
3    554    HH NARCOS DU MARAIS     SYDNEY SHULMAN     0    0    0    0.000    4    0    4    37.492   
4    344    ZIBON HC     GABRIELLE BAUSANO     0    0    0    0.000    4    0    4    39.098   
5    46    CORLANDO VAN KOEKSHOP     ADRIAN BERGANZA     0    0    0    0.000    8    0    8    35.169      
6    321    ARWEN     CHRISTINA FIRESTONE     0    1    1    83.012 
7    173    URGINIA     KATHERINE STRAUSS     4    0    4    78.703     
8    1261    DA VINCI     SPENCER SMITH     4    0    4    78.939          
9    866    PROVIDENCE     EUGENIO GARZA     8    0    8    75.938      
10    312    QUARTERLETTO     VIRGINIA INGRAM     8    0    8    79.688    
11    174    FIDEL VAN DE KOOLDRIES     KATHERINE STRAUSS     8    0    8    79.990                             
12    47    CATELLO 3     ANDRES BERGANZA     8    0    8    80.619

Class 470, A-O/JUMPERS HIGH 1.40m II 2b
1    978    HARLEY 86     HALEY SCHAUFELD     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    33.765          
2    592    PRECIEUSE PLATIERE     ROGELIO A PELLERANO HEINSEN     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    34.642          
3    274    LORENA 90     CHELSEA MOSS     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    35.902          
4    1067    L'ETOILE     LIZ ATKINS     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    36.727          
5    307    BUGS BUNNY V OVERIS Z     WHITNEY LYON     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    36.905          
6    968    IRON     MICHAEL BURNETT     0    0    0    0.000    4    0    4    34.134          
7    472    NEOLISTO VAN HET MIERENHOF     WILTON PORTER     0    0    0    0.000    4    0    4    34.901   
8    275    RIQUITA DU ROZEL     CHELSEA MOSS     4    0    4    79.250   
9    476    PUNCH     WILTON PORTER     4    2    6    84.115         
10    163    QUITE DARK 2     HALEY GASSEL     4    2    6    84.530   
11    1017    EASY MONEY     LISA KENT     4    4    8    86.060         
12    276    DOLCE D'IVE Z     CHELSEA MOSS     12    0    12    82.320    

Class 427, OPEN JUMPER 1.30m, II 2b
1    195    HC WOOPY 14     SAYRE HAPPY     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    35.107          
2    474    PATRIOT     LUCAS PORTER     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    36.245          
3    482    SHAAMEN     CALLIE SCHOTT     0    0    0    0.000    0    0    0    38.100          
4    5    ARON     MAURO ATZERI     0    0    0    80.401    0    2    2    45.400          
5    219    NKH BARBOSA     CHRISTIAN HEINEKING     0    0    0    0.000    4    0    4    32.836          
6    671    SMARTIE     SARAH VAN DER WALDE     0    0    0    0.000    4    0    4    36.850          
7    329    FIRENZE VAN DE CADZONDHOEVE     VICTOR AMAYA     0    0    0    0.000    4    0    4    41.897          
8    125    SAMSON     REBECCA CONWAY     0    1    1    81.650         
9    656    ASHWEY CALISTO     AARON VALE     4    0    4    77.027         
10    1320    BALOU DU CLEAR     ALEJANDRO KAROLYI     0    5    5    85.541                             
11    458    ROSETTE     ARLY GOLOMBEK     8    0    8    78.159         
12    1167    AUCKLAND DE L'ENCLOS     SHARN WORDLEY     0    10    10    90.911