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Divita, Roberts Among Winners at Largest Ever CVI in the U.S.

RELEASE: July 15, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Linda Bibbler for the Pacific Cup CVI

Alicen Divita - CVI3* Women's Individual Winner (Kate Revell, VaultingPhotos.com)
Alicen Divita - CVI3* Women's Individual Winner (Kate Revell, VaultingPhotos.com)
Hollister, CA
- The Pacific Cup CVI concluded three days of competition at Gilroy Gaits in Hollister, CA. It was the largest CVI ever held in the US, with 99 vaulters entered, including 33 foreign vaulters from 9 countries with a large contingent from  Canada, Colombia and Argentina, as well as individuals from Australia, Hungary, Mexico, Norway, Russia and the Republic of South Africa. The Pacific Cup offered competition at all FEI Vaulting levels, 1*, 2*, and 3* as well as all age groupings, Children’s (12-14), Junior’s (14-18), and Senior (16 or older). The judges were Suzanne Detol (FEI 4* -- USA), Gaby Benz (FEI 4* -- ITA), Craig Coburn (FEI 3* -- USA), and Rob De Bruin (FEI 3* -- NED).

The 3* Women’s Event was won by Alicen Divita, Redwood City, CA, with a final score of 7.978 on Stanford owned by Woodside Vaulters, lunged by her mother, Julie Divita. Alicen maintained a narrow lead from start to finish, placing first in each portion of the competition – Compulsories, Technical Test, and Freestyle. Alicen had just returned from competing in Europe where she represented the US in the CVI Krumke, placing 4th, and CHIO Aachen, placing 6th. Close behind were Mary McCormick, Woodside, CA, on Hudson, owned by Jill Palmer and lunged by Carolyn Bland, Emily Hogye of Santa Cruz, on Pepper Jack owned by Woodside Vaulters and lunged by Julie Divita; Elizabeth Ioannou, Saratoga, CA on Urfreund Rosengaard owned by Jan Garrod and lunged by Emma Seely; and Mary Garrett, Woodside, CA on Hudson.

The 3* Men’s Event was won by Kristian Roberts, Half Moon Bay, CA, on Hudson, owned by Jill Palmer and lunged by Carolyn Bland.

The 3* Squad competition was won by the Mt. Eden Sun Team on Urfreund Rosengaard, owned by Jan Garrod and lunged by Emma Seely.

Annie Young -- CVI2* Women's Individual Winner (Lynne Owen, VaultingPhotos.com)
Annie Young -- CVI2* Women's Individual Winner (Lynne Owen, VaultingPhotos.com)
All the 3* Winners had extensive international experience, having represented the US at prior World Championships, WEG and various European CVIs.  However, in the lower level events there were many vaulters new to FEI competitions. Of particular note, the winner of the 2* Women’s Event was Annie Young from Shea-Rose Vaulters in South Carolina, who competed in the 1* CVI in Lexington, VA two weeks earlier and qualified for the 2* at the Pacific Cup. She vaulted on a horse from Colorado, Oliver, lunged by Yossi Martonovich. The Men’s 2* Senior Event was won by Bongani Mvumvu from the Republic of South Africa, on Cheval, owned by Sydney Frankel and lunged by Carolyn Bland. Janie Salisbury from Atherton, Califronia won the Women's 1* Junior event on Stanford, owned by Woodside Vaulters, and lunged by Julie Divita. The 1* Men’s Children’s competition was won by 13 year old Juan Martin Clavijo from Colombia, who electrified the crowd with his dynamic vaulting. 

Under the new FEI Vaulting Rules, there are strict qualification criteria to participate at each level as well as new higher requirements to compete at World Championships and WEG which has led to increased interest in the lower levels as well as the new Children’s (12-14) and Junior (14-18) year levels. 

"Thanks to the many west coast clubs who generously lent horses to our east coast and foreign vaulters," say event officials, "and to Kevin and Wendell Chambers who own the lovely facility. We could not have done this without the support of so many people!"

For complete results, go to http://www.pacificcupcvi.com/