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Entries Open for the 19th Annual Pony Finals Auction

RELEASE: May 30, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC

Lexington, KY
– Entries are currently being taken for the 19th Annual Pony Finals Auction held Saturday, August 10, 2013 in conjunction with the US Pony Finals in Lexington, Kentucky at the Kentucky Horse Park. The Pony Finals Auction has long been regarded as the premier auction in the world for buying ponies to compete at the highest levels. It has produced numerous ponies that have gone on to win championships at the Pony Finals and other major shows around the country.

Auction Date - Saturday, August 10, 2013
Auction Arena - the air-conditioned Alltech Arena
Preview Date - Thursday, August 8, 2013
Preview Location - Outdoors in the Annex Arena
Stabling - the barns at the Alltech Arena
Stalls open on Monday, August 5

Entries can be made either online or by downloading an entry form. Go to our website at www.ponyfinalsauction.com or www.sporthorseauctions.com

The following selection criteria will be used:
• Quality of pony – our goal is to present the best possible selection of ponies.
• Show, sire, or produce record of the pony nominated to the sale – please state entry’s show record in detail.
• Seller participation in previous Pony Finals Auctions
• Show record of full brothers or sisters, maternal half brothers or sisters.
• Pedigree & record of sire & dam – important for prospects and unshown ponies.
• Date entry received – early ponies have an advantage!
• Complete entry information, including the return of the required disclosure form.
• For ponies that have no show record, you MUST submit pictures or a short video with your entry. The video must be two minutes or less for each pony. Please identify each pony. Pictures and videos may NOT BE RETURNED. Format for Videos: DVD, standard VHS or url (internet address) of video.

• Internet based videos can be used for selection and promotion. Include the link or url (internet address) with your entry.

Faxed Entries
• Faxed entries may not be considered for acceptance until we receive either the original registration papers and signed transfer or the entry fee, along with a signed entry form and disclosure form. Please call to confirm that we received your fax.

Tim and Cathy Jennings, of Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC, will again produce the Pony Finals Auction. Tim has been project manager for the Pony Finals Auction since 1995. Now in its 19th year, sellers and buyers can expect to see the same outstanding level of service and promotion that has made this the premier auction for ponies in the world and the industry’s most prolific source of champions.

Tim and Cathy Jennings are the principals of Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC, a company backed by decades of auction experience and two lifetimes in the horse business. This innovative company will provide marketing services to horse owners and equestrian enthusiasts. The Jennings’ focus is on creative marketing and selling Hunter, Sport Horse, Pony Hunter and Real Estate markets at FlashpointBloodstock.com.

For more information contact Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC, 275 Battleview Terrace, Charles Town, WV  25414, Phone or Fax (866) 652-7789.  Visit ponyfinalsauction.com

For information on the US Pony Finals, click here

For information on Kentucky Horse Shows, LLC, visit www.kentuckyhorseshows.com/.