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Ashlee Bond Clarke

Born: April 15, 1985
Hometown: Hidden Hills, California

Ashlee Bond and Cadett 7 at the 2009 Rolex/FEI World Cup Final. (Photo by Shannon Brinkman)
Ashlee Bond and Cadett 7 at the 2009 Rolex/FEI World Cup Final. (Photo by Shannon Brinkman)

The child of a horse trainer and a movie producer, Ashlee Bond Clarke got horse sense from her father and creativity from her mother. Both horse people, her parents had her in the saddle when she was 6-months-old, and she was jumping by three.

In 2008, Bond Clarke won the Maxine Beard Award for her promise in the future of show jumping. She first represented the U.S. in 2008 at Spruce Meadows in Calgary. Bond Clarke then made her first Nations Cup experience a winning one at CSIO Buenos Aires with Cadett 7.

With Cadett 7, Bond Clarke picked up two wins in World Cup Qualifiers at HITS Thermal in 2009. They won back-to-back classes (the second of which was the $50,000 World Cup Qualifier) in February, putting in lightning fast performances in each class. They also won the $50,000 Desert Circuit VI Grand Prix in March, securing a second-place finish in the West Coast League Standings for the Rolex/FEI World Cup Final. She won the Catena Leading Lady Rider Grand Prix Award for the Desert Circuit Championship for her remarkable performances on the 2009 Circuit. That year marked Bond Clarke’s first trip to the Rolex/FEI World Cup Final.

Bond Clarke then competed in the 2009 Meydan Nations Cup series. She and Cadett 7 did something remarkable during Tour One; they jumped three sets of double clear rounds, a feat which is unprecedented. In her first trip to compete in Europe, Bond Clarke thrived in the international atmosphere, as did Cadett 7, who’s scopey technique was perfect for the big outdoor arenas at the CSIO5*s in La Baule, Rome, and St. Gallen. Bond Clarke and Cadett 7 continued to represent the U.S. on Tour Two. While in Europe, the pair also picked up a win at the Warsteiner Aachen Grand Prix.

Bond Clarke and Cadett 7 returned from Europe on form continuing to produce successful rounds in California. The pair won both the $40,000 and $50,000 Grand Prix at Show Park as well as the $50,000 Los Angeles International Grand Prix.

Bond Clarke jumped to strong finishes again in 2010. With Cadett 7, Bond was second in the $75,000 Equine Couture/Tuff Rider Grand Prix in March. The pair won the World Cup Qualifier Keg Steak House and Bar Grand Prix at Thunderbird in August. In September, Bond Clarke and Cadett 7 were part of the winning Nations Cup team at Spruce Meadows.

Bond Clarke spent the beginning of the 2011 season jumping in Wellington, Fla., at the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival (FTI WEF). In February, she and Cadett 7 collected a third-place finish in the fourth round of the WEF Challenge Cup; two weeks later they were fourth in round six. With Chivas Z, Bond Clarke won the Suncast 1.50m Championship Jumper Classic in February. The pair also finished fourth in the $31,000 G & C Farm 1.45m Classic. With Apache, Bond Clarke finished fifth in the WEF Challenge Cup round 11.

Bond Clarke then traveled to Europe and represented the U.S. at the Rolex/FEI World Cup Final. Upon returning to the U.S., Bond Clarke and Chivas Z finished third in the Hagyard Lexington Classic. A week later, the pair came in second at the Rood & Riddle Grand Prix. Bond Clarke and Chivas Z continued their success at the Hampton Classic, where they finished second in the $50,000 Spy Coast Farm Grand Prix Qualifier CSI4*.

Bond Clarke had a good start to 2012. At the Ocala Tournament, she finished second and third in the $50,000 Ring Power Grand Prix with Wistful and Chivas Z, respectively. At the Ocala Winter Celebration, Bond Clarke and Wistful finished fifth in the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix. She and Apache finished third in the Live Oak Grand Prix at Live Oak International.

Bond Clarke was back on Cadett 7 for the CSI3* Welcome Cup at the Kentucky Spring Show and the pair finished second in the class against 23 other riders. The next weekend, the pair took the big prize when they won the CSI2* Hagyard Classic at the Kentucky Spring Show.

Bond Clarke traveled to Canada at the end of May and with Cadett 7 earned another win in the $32,000 CSI2* Thunderbird Show Park Spring Classic and fourth in the $53,000 Mibroc World Cup. She then traveled to Spruce Meadows to start her summer and won the $100,000 Esso Challenge World Cup Qualifier with Cadett 7 at the CSI4*-W ‘Canada One’ Tournament.

In August, Bond Clarke and Wistful partnered to finish third in the $40,000 Summer Grand Prix at the Showpark Summer Classic. The following weekend, the pair came in second in the $50,000 Grand Prix of Showpark. Bond Clarke next found success at the Los Angeles International Jumping Fest finishing second and fourth in the $50,000 LA International Grand Prix with Wistful and RMW Quenote, respectively, as well as earning a third-place finish in the $30,000 LA International Welcome Stake with RMW Quenote. Bond Clarke finished out the year by winning the $30,000 GGT Footing Grand Prix with Wistful at the Del Mar Fall Festival I.

Bond Clarke began 2013 strongly by finishing second in the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix with Cadett 7 at the Desert Circuit I. The following week, the pair had another second-place finish, this time in the $33,000 HITS Desert Classic. During the Desert Circuit III, Bond Clarke took home top honors in the $33,000 HITS Desert Classic with Cadett 7 and in the $54,500 HITS Grand Prix CSI2*-W with Wistful. The next week, Bond Clarke and Cadett 7 came in fourth in the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix.

Bond Clarke made her third Rolex/FEI World Cup Final appearance in Gothenburg, Sweden. Upon returning to the states, she finished third and fifth with Wistful and Agrostar, respectively, in the $30,000 Memorial Day Classic Grand Prix.

Ashlee Bond Clarke and Chela LS (Flying Horse Photography, LTD 2014)
Ashlee Bond Clarke and Chela LS (Flying Horse Photography, LTD 2014)

Over the summer, Bond Clarke found success at Spruce Meadows. The CSI ‘National’ Tournament was a highly successful week for her, with a win in the $60,000 TransCanada Parcours de Chasse and second place in the $33,000 Enbridge Cup with Cadett 7. Bond Clarke also finished second in the $35,000 Spectra Energy Cup with Wistful and was third and fourth in the $175,000 Nexen Cup Derby with Wistful and Cadett 7, respectively. During the CSI4* ‘Canada One’ Tournament, she and Cadett 7 were fifth in the $100,000 Esso Challenge World Cup Qualifier. Two weeks later, Bond Clarke rode Agrostar to the win in the $33,000 Ashcor Technologies Cup.

Returning to the U.S., Bond Clarke found a new star in Chela LS, with the pair winning the $25,000 Grand Prix of Huntington Beach. They were then fourth in the $33,000 Showpark Jumper Classic. With Agrostar, Bond Clarke came in fourth in the $40,000 Blenheim Fall Tournament Grand Prix.

Bond Clarke has been on a roll in 2014, beginning the year with a win in the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix with Chela LS during Desert Circuit I. The pair claimed first place again in the 33,500 HITS Desert Classic a week later. During Desert Circuit III, Bond Clarke rode Chela LS a to second-place finish in the $50,000 Go Rentals Grand Prix. She then earned the biggest win of her career, claiming top honors in the AIG $1 Million Grand Prix with Chela LS during the Desert Circuit VII.

Traveling to the East Coast, Bond Clarke rode Agrostar to a second-place finish in the $50,000 Live Oak Grand Prix. With Chela LS, she had another strong finish at one of the richest Grand Prixes, ending up in fifth place in the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix.

Bond Clarke then went to Lyon, France for her fourth World Cup Final appearance, representing the U.S. at the Longines FEI World Cup Final.